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The Richardson Adult Literacy Center (RALC) is a 501(c)(3) community-based literacy organization and relies upon the generosity of individuals, civic organizations and businesses to support its mission of improving the lives of adults and their families through English language instruction.

Our program is impactful!

Listen to one of our graduates

  • student textbooks & workbooks - each student receives textbooks and workbooks to support their learning;

  • classroom materials - notebooks, pens, markers, notepads, index cards, teaching tools; 

  • volunteer teacher training & support - volunteer teachers are trained in the ESL curriculum; regular meetings provide support, teaching tips, guidance;

  • IT resources - Zoom, internet, Google Classroom, volunteer database;

  • staff training and support - maintain current ESL teaching methods & tools, develop weekly curriculum for all levels, recruit, assess, test and coach students, recruit, train and support volunteers; 

  • general operations -  financial, fundraising, community partnerships, events, board development, communications; 

Contributions to RALC help fund:

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Contribute to RALC while you shop!

Sign up for these programs and support us while you do your everyday shopping. 

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